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Realizing that the complex mutual influence of body and mind needs integral interventions and extensive specialization, the HRH and PHI formats realize remarkable and durable results for their patients. That is why Intergrin XPL makes licenses available for institutional organizations outside the Netherlands.

Our healthcare formats

HRH achieves a durable end to chronic back pain

HRH is a format aimed at ending pain for people suffering from a severe complex chronic back, pelvic and/or neck pain disorder. Patients are treated somatically and mentally by multidisciplinary teams that stand for tailormade solutions for each individual patient. This requires both broad and deep knowledge, taken care of by continuous training and study, as well as scientific support. Because any treatment only will be durable when behavioral change has been internalized, HRH does not stop guidance until this has been consolidated, using a personal life plan per patient.

Remarkable results realized by PHI’s centers for psychosomatics

PHI is a highly specialized format that focusses on intensive treatment of multimorbid psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, depression and severe, not directly explainable, physical complaints. PHI uses a holistic method and takes an integral approach in its treatments, which focuses on restoring balance between body and mind. PHI treatments are individually tailored and always aimed at lasting results. In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, coping, acceptance and commitment therapy, attention is given to lifestyle, nutrition, energy management, stress and relaxation. This integrated body and mind approach makes the PHI format exceptionally unique.

Unique characteristic

Care for ultimate treatment methods

Intergrin’s care formats are carefully composed by specialists and supported by a solid scientific foundation. This meticulousness characterizes the highly effective character of these formats. In addition, both PHI and HRH are based on interdisciplinary integrated approaches, without compromise to the quality of execution and always supported by latest scientific insights.

Everything necessary to achieve these remarkably effective results is documented during development of the care formats. Whether it concerns housing requirements, look & feel, personnel, training, development and much more: everything is worked out into all – sometimes small, yet essential – details.

As all treatments are developed for specific patient groups with a specific, severe, complex pattern of psychosomatic disorders, this detailing is of utmost importance for the successful implementation and execution of these formats. That is why Intergrin XPL does not just supply licenses, but also assists by consulting services and guidance.

Onze uniciteit

“Sometimes one can be confronted with problems one can’t solve alone. In times like that it’s good to have a partner like PHI, who can provide customized care and expertise to solve them”.

PHI client

“I had been in pain for a number of months, but continued to work full time as a nurse. I just accepted the increasing pain.”

Margriet van Rooijen
HRH client

About Integrin XPL

We are offering licenses for excellent care formats

Intergrin is part of IIC Group, based in the Netherlands. The Intergrin organization develops, maintains and improves healthcare formats, based on far reaching specialization, scientifically based and operational excellent. Starting point of Integrin’s formats is vast knowledge of the complex mutual influence of body and mind, demanding an integral approach when developing treatment methods.

With its formats, Intergrin brought this to a new and unparalleled level, showing remarkable durable results for its patients. Intergrin is able to do this by continuous training, study, scientific research and a culture based on core values (specialization, integration, result focused, client intimacy, dedication, fact driven, renewal and quality) and a code of conduct, which consolidate Integrin’s continuity. Intergrin’s PHI and HRH formats have been implemented in the Netherlands and have proven that all efforts have been more than worthwhile, showing lasting results for their patients. With PHI and HRH now being mature, Intergrin founded Intergrin XPL to have the formats cross Dutch borders.

About Intergrin XPL’s licenses

Intergrin XPL is a license holder for Intergrin’s care formats. For licensees Intergrin XPL supplies all detailed format descriptions, operational aspects and infrastructure needed. A comprehensive treatment design is available for both formats and integrated part of the license agreement. It defines and describes all treatments, sequences, content, disciplines to be followed, duration of sessions, testing system, goal setting, feedback, evaluations and after care programming. In addition, all content is digitized, allowing execution of the treatment combined with online e-health sessions. On top of this, Intergrin developed advanced software solutions as a client portal and electronic health records (EHR) as part of the license.
The uniqueness of this treatment design lies in the mix (the Intergrin cocktail) which is defined by using methods from several disciplines and combining them into one integrated mind-body technique.

Intergrin XPL is fully equipped to assist in implementation, from finance to staffing. Consultancy services guides implementation from start to finish. In addition, Intergrin XPL provides scientific advice. Intergrin XPL’s Head of Science will support each licensee in setting up a research program, as integral part of the license agreement. As both formats aim at durability of achieved results, an e-health HLS aftercare program will be part of the license agreement as well.

Licenses for PHI and HRH are suitable only for organizations that have a proven track record in implementing a diversity of healthcare formats and are used to deal with complex disorder treatments. These organizations are most welcome to contact us for more information or making appointments to introduce ourselves.

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Karin Schindler

Bram van Dijck

CEO Intergrin XPL

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